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Our History


Founded over three decades ago in June 1983, United Logistics Sdn Bhd first operated under name of Bersatu Muda Forwarding Sdn Bhd. In 1990, a joint-venture partnership with Union Air Transport Gmbh of Germany led us to a name change – Union Air Transport Sdn Bhd. However, a subsequent change in ownership of the Union Air Transport group saw the termination of our partnership in March 1995. A corporate re-branding exercise followed at the same time when we re-acquired the minority interest of the Union Transport group in our company as a result of the termination of partnership, allowing us a full corporate identity once again.

To better reflect this new distinction, we assumed our present name, United Logistics Sdn Bhd, a name which signifies our objective of remaining united within our specialization of logistics. United Logistics is today a 100% locally owned logistics company. Yet, our strategic alliance spreads across the world, reaching out to all corners of the globe. As a member of the WIN, a coalition of hundreds of logistic partners spread across international borders , United Logistics is only one of the selected few  logistics companies in Malaysia who can boast of such an alliance. With this international network of experienced logistics partners on call at every hour of the day, our clients can rest assure that their consignments will always reach its destination, be it a small township in the Czech Republic or a large suburb in New York City.

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