The United Logistics Advantage

A Dependable Business Partner / Competitive                Advantage                                                                             

•  One single partner for all your 
    logistic requirements
•  Simple and all-inclusive 
•  Customised services at 
   competitive rates
•  Seamless one-stop solutions 
   around the world with our WIN 
•  Tracking and tracing service 
   over the internet – anytime and 
   from anywhere
•  Financial support services – 
   credit terms for qualified 
•  Cost-effective, reliable and 
   secure shipment of every type 
   of goods
•  A commitment to  excellent 
   customer service.



We stand apart from our competitors for a number of significant reasons. With over two decades of experience, our expertise in the field of transport, logistics and forwarding is well-regarded by our customers who unreservedly trust us with their important, precious and time-sensitive cargo.

United Logistics serves customers from all industries. In particular, our specialisation lies in the transport of fresh and perishable goods and products such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, foods and the like. With delicate cargoes, it goes beyond saying that only an expert and experienced logistics partner is capable of handling such tasks with ease and in a timely and cost-efficient manner. It is significant to note that United Logistics is currently the main service provider involved in transporting Malaysian papayas to the whole of China.             

International Alliance

We are a proud member of Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), an international logistics alliance spread over 60 countries. With over 7000 forwarding and logistics specialists, more than 280 offices and 12,000 employees all at your service, you can be assured that your consignments are handled in the most professional manner possible. WIN connects Malaysia and the region with Africa, Australia, East and West Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, Central America, the Pacific Rim countries and more. This network of independent forwarding and logistics company all come together to provide a seamless worldwide total supply chain solution to you.